Lingerie, Loungewear, and Swimwear for Breast Cancer Survivors & Thrivers!

It's human nature to take our everyday choices for granted - unless something comes along to challenge the status quo! Things do arise, and we have to adapt, be it a change of career, home, or the inevitability of ageing, which results in us having to make adaptations. My greatest challenge was breast cancer, which came along and completely changed the way I choose to dress.

Breast cancer is a major health obstacle, affecting 1 in 8 women in the many countries. In around 80% of cases, some form of invasive treatment occurs. A part or the entirety of a woman's breast is amputated or burned (with radiation) to save her life. The amputations, the burns have a wide-reaching impact, well beyond the actual treatment. For many women, getting dressed in the morning, wearing a prosthesis and trying to look breast-balanced, or while coping with radiation-scarred delicate skin is a daily, on-going challenge. 

Can I tell you a secret? Around the world are brands designing choice for women living with and after breast cancer, women who no longer want to 'make do' with mainstream lingerie and swimwear they wore before diagnosis!  There brands are creating beautiful mastectomy lingerie and loungewear, and exciting post-surgery swimwear to help women look and feel exceptional again. 

Recently I was interviewed by the gorgeous USA expert bra fitter and intimates blogger Kim Caldwell (aka Kimmay) for Style. She presented a round up of the best lingerie, loungewear and swimwear on the market for breast cancer survivors - in which Clover Lewis Swimwear featured!

I was able to share with Kim why I believe mastectomy bikinis and post surgery swimsuits are so important for post-surgery ladies: 

“Once women are diagnosed with breast cancer, their body image, self-esteem and identity are strongly challenged. Clover Lewis Swimwear aims to be part of this transformational period in these women’s lives. I help them boost their confidence, feel better and re-engage with a good lifestyle. In my swimwear, women can feel very feminine. The designs flatter their body and appearance in a very natural, elegant and comfortable way, so they can enjoy holidays or go swimming for the love of it. I know from experience that if you look good outside, this has the impact to help you feel great inside!” 

 It is encouraging seeing other brands started by other breast cancer survivors from around the world. Brands like  AnaOno Intimates, and Red Fern Lingerie were started by women like me also had breast cancer and felt the disappointment, exclusion, and  limitations of post-surgery choices in mainstream fashion. 

Clover Lewis Swimwear is in good company with these other brands for the journey disrupting the post-mastectomy market! We are making necessary changes, and offering stylish choices for our survivor sisterhood around the world. Many thanks to Kimmay for including our swimwear in the review!  

I'd love to hear what you think of the selection of lingerie, loungewear, and swimwear in this about.Style review -or any you would add to this list!  Feel free to tell us below: