Strike an elegant balance between style, comfort and performance.


The Clover Lewis Swimwear collection is all about enhancing your confidence.

Blending gorgeous poolside style with clever features that ensure you feel comfortable and beautiful after breast surgery.

Feel good and look flawless in intelligently designed mastectomy swimwear.

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All Clover Lewis Swimwear mastectomy swimsuits and bikinis...


1. Conceal breast imbalances

2. Cover and protects scar tissue

3. Create a natural appearance

Both my bikini and swimsuit more than met my requirements. I didn’t have to fiddle or pull to get in the right position and it held my prosthesis well. Your swimwear is the best I have ever worn - and how it made me feel is priceless.
— Letitia Green, Derby, UK
Letitia Green mastectomy swimwear testimonial


Designing from experience:
Mastectomy swimwear designed by Clover Lewis, scuba-diver and breast cancer survivor.

While dealing with the trauma of breast cancer as graciously as I could, I longed to go to a far-flung beach, lay on a sun lounger, and put the whole experience behind me, even if for a short while.

So I promised myself that when I had recovered from my mastectomy, I would go on holiday to Bali - and even dare to learn how to scuba-dive!

I hit a rock: here I was, a young woman, longing to feel feminine again, struggling to choose from the dowdy, conservative and quite plain mastectomy swimwear I found online and the high street.

My sheer frustration with not finding what I needed motivated me to make my first pocketed bikini, one that stylish and held my prosthesis in place too!


It was the best feeling ever to confidently walk down the beach in my bikini without feeling vulnerable and exposed – and get my scuba diving certificate! 


This deeply personal experience inspired me to start designing Clover Lewis Swimwear post-surgery swimsuits and pocketed bikinis. Designed to look fresh, feel comfortable and be elegant and feminine - all the things I longed for after my own breast surgery.

I’m humbled that Clover Lewis Swimwear is now the first mastectomy swimwear brand to be in Vogue magazine, and my designs have won the coveted ‘Best Post Surgery Brand’ award -which is the equivalent of the Oscars!

Clover Lewis Swimwear enables women like me to look good when out on the beach or the pool, and subtly encourages them to feel good about their post surgery selves. 



Summer will be here before you know it, so now's the time to start planning your poolside wardrobe

I have been complimented every time I’ve worn my bikini, honestly, Clover! So many of my friends love either the colour, the coverage or the elegance and uniqueness of the design. Great for sea AND river swimming. The pants didn’t even fall in the huge waves whilst I was body surfing in Cornwall! It’s wonderful to do such energetic sport and still feel very womanly…
— Karen D, Lewes, UK


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