Stars, Kings and Triple Negative Breast Cancer

I was interviewed last week by the Evening Standard newspaper immediately after finding out this groundbreaking news:

Scientific discoveries have just been found which may lead to long-awaited treatments for triple-negative breast cancer.

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So why is this scientific breakthrough so significant?

  • Triple-negative breast cancer is more commonly diagnosed in younger people (aged 50 and younger)

  • Triple-negative breast cancer is more likely to spread beyond the breast and more likely to recur (come back) after treatment.

  • Triple-negative breast cancer is considered to be more aggressive and has a poorer prognosis than other types of breast cancer, mainly because there are fewer targeted medicines that treat triple-negative breast cancer.

  • Triple-negative breast cancer is more likely to be diagnosed in women of African descent, Hispanic women and those with a BRCA1 gene mutation

  • I am a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. It is terrifying finding out that you’ve been diagnosed with a type of breast cancer that is often more aggressive than other types and has no targeted treatments.

Knowing about the work that scientists are tirelessly doing to stop women like me dying from this type of cancer is VERY close to my heart.

(BTW, yes, breast cancer is not one disease; No, I didn't know that before being diagnosed!)

I am not alone: many with triple-negative breast cancer have been waiting a long time some positive research for our type of cancer.

So like the Christmas story of the Northern Star appearing at this time of year, giving hope to the Three Kings, this bright shiny breakthrough, the result of scientists working in King’s College Hospital, is very timely.

These positive outcomes inspire and motivate me to actively campaign and raise funds for Breast Cancer Now (the charity which funded this research).

Whether or not you’ve had breast cancer, do not hesitate to give your time or money to this great charity. The day when people stop dying of breast cancer is not that far away.

Thanks for READING & SHARING this post to help spread the optimism 💖🍀

Huge thanks to the research team and all those at Breast Cancer Now. #ForTheCure

*Just to note, in the U.K. 370 men and 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

REF: What Is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?.