Inspiring Women in Switzerland with My Breast Cancer Swimwear Story

A year ago I was a Finalist on Masschallenge - an international business accelerator program. No easy task when 12,000 apply for 100 places!  On the London program, I was a driven female entrepreneur, excited to access opportunities to up level my mastectomy swimwear business and support women around the world. 

Fast forward one year, and I've been invited to be the Keynote speaker at that first Women in MassChallenge event in the Switzerland!

So excited about this opportunity. 
Women in MassChallenge is my first international speaking opportunity- and I'm here right now in gorgeous Lausanne, preparing to speak later this evening. I hope to inspire the women attending with my story and how listening to people's problems are and solving them can be a great foundation for a creative business 

I never thought my breast cancer diagnosis would lead to me receiving messages like this: 

“Clover we would love to have you as our keynote speaker, and are sure that you would be the perfect person to inspire them with your amazing life experience and how it helped you to understand other women to be able to help them.” 
— Antonia Nikolic, Organiser Women in MassChallenge Switzerland 

If you're going through breast cancer treatment right now, I urge you not to give up!

Because in the future you can create an impact with your experience on other women, even if it's just one. 

 Can't wait to meet the Swiss female entrepreneurs and other members of our global entrepreneur family! 
With warmth, Clover