Diving Deep: My Motivation for Making Mastectomy Swimwear

When I decided to work on Clover Lewis Swimwear I approached building the brand with my usual, "slightly perfectionist" style. Everything had to look and feel exceptional, and I would not have it any other way. The amount of work that goes into creating a business is huge, and it exceeded my expectations. 

I would like to share with you why I made my first piece of mastectomy swimwear, a pocketed bikini. Have a look at how it all started here:

The opportunities that have arisen and all the people I have met have made it all worth it. I have received much support and love for my mastectomy swimwear designs, and my brand. I am truly thankful for all of it!

Many of you have asked me if I blogged. The answer has always been the same: “I am about to do it more”. I kept delaying this moment as I wanted my blog to be perfect as well. However, lately, I decided to go with the flow...

So despite having dyslexia, I decided to challenge my limiting beliefs around not being very skilled at writing and giving it a try. 

There are so many aspects in developing mastectomy swimsuits and bikinis for women! It's challenging, and a lot of work on an infinite amount of levels. It has been an incredible journey, and I have been longing to share it with you!

From now on, I will start letting you into my world.  

Apart from the usual brand and product info, and sharing media recognition now and then, I will be telling you more about my story. In videos, articles, infographics. I will use any means necessary (we have to remember that I am an artist at the end of the day!).

I will share my personal favourite health and fashion tips and show you how I design and create Clover Lewis Swimwear.  I will reveal how it is to be a creative woman entrepreneur, with a mission to help other women like me to look good on the outside and feel great on the inside.

"Throughout my treatment for breast cancer, I dreamt of being by the sea…
I began looking for swimwear after my mastectomy but struggled to find anything that supported me to feel truly feminine again. My choices were dull and undesirable-not what I wanted for my first holiday after treatment. 
These feelings were the reason why I decided to make my first pocketed bikini. It was stylish, held my breast form in place, and enabled me to swim without wardrobe malfunctions!
And so Clover Lewis Swimwear was born!" ~ Clover Lewis

What do you think? Should I carry on? Is there anything about Clover Lewis Swimwear that you would like to know about? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Clover