New Love for Clover Lewis Swimwear Post Mastectomy Swimwear

We are over the moon about the excitement our new retailers have about stocking Clover Lewis Swimwear!

Here's what one of them had to say:

We are so excited to be launching award-winning swimwear brand Clover Lewis Swimwear!

While recovering from the impact of triple negative breast cancer, Clover Lewis was spurred on to create a high-quality post surgery brand for women like her. That brand is Clover Lewis Swimwear.

Having both a creative & medical background (Clover studied Fine Arts at the world-renowned St Martin's College of Art & Design, and is a qualified physiotherapist), she honed her skills for making swimwear London College of Fashion, London, where she studied Swimwear Design & Manufacture. Her personal experience of having a mastectomy after breast cancer, combined with her skills resulted in comfortable and fashionable post mastectomy swimwear, which is now worn with pride by breast cancer survivors worldwide.

Clover is passionate about creating the best swimwear for women who want to feel better and enjoy life’s water activities when living with or recovering from breast cancer. She designs from personal experience, which shines through her designs and won the  UK Lingerie Awards 'Best Post-Surgery Brand of the Year’ (like the Oscars for Lingerie & Swimwear brands). it is the first Mastectomy swimwear brand to appear in British Vogue in its 100 years of publication.

We are so proud to be collaborating with Clover Lewis supporting women to look good and feel better about their post-surgery bodies!”
Camille, Pink Ribbon

About Clover, Creator of Clover Lewis Swimwear

Clover started designing mastectomy swimsuits and bikinis after struggling to find a stylish, beautiful post-surgery bikini to wear on her first holiday after a breast cancer diagnosis. The holiday? A trip to Bali to overcome her fears by learning how to scuba-dive. 

She made her first mastectomy bikini, got her PADI diving certificate wearing it, at that moment personally realised the connections between body image, clothing confidence for women with breast cancer.

So despite the expectation to carry on with “life as normal” after cancer, this experience had a profound effect on Clover. It became the fuel for her mission creating beautiful swimwear for women to feel good about their bodies so they can swim again. 

Through Clover Lewis Swimwear, Clover helps women feel body confident… and feel like they belong on a beach. 

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