Can I Wear Mastectomy Swimwear Without Breast Forms?

There are lots of reasons why many women don't like to use breast forms or prostheses following breast surgeries. From the weight of the breast form, or discomfort and bother of trying to keep them in place, breast forms certainly aren't for everyone. Yet most mastectomy swimming costumes have been designed to accommodate and suit prostheses.

So, can you wear mastectomy swimwear without them?

Absolutely. It all depends on the brand and the styles they have created for women who have breast surgery. Some swimsuits will lose symmetry and fit incorrectly if worn without breast forms. Clover Lewis Swimwear is different.

 La Victoire Bikini can or without breast forms/protheses 

La Victoire Bikini can or without breast forms/protheses 

Our mastectomy bikinis and bathing suits have been designed to look well-fitted and stylish, with one or both breasts, flat and fabulous or when wearing breast forms.

Looking even on both sides was important to designer Clover Lewis after her mastectomy. So she set about creating her swimwear designs to achieve a natural, balanced look when worn.

All Clover Lewis Swimwear has stitched-in foam cups to offer shaping as well as encourage symmetry (i.e. giving the appearance of looking even on both sides). This is mastectomy swimwear that can create the shape of the bust without inserts. 

Many of our women who are flat-chested, or choose not to wear a breast prosthesis choose from our Dive Collection which has gentle gathers over the foam cups, creating shaping without breast inserts. 

The La Victoire Collection is particularly suitable for wearing without a prosthesis. Because it has a gently ruched front and multi-way straps, by adjusting the straps the swimwear can be adapted to fit closer to the body. 

The smart, supportive materials we use and the ergonomic designs we have developed suit bodies of all shapes and sizes, offering comfort and confidence through gorgeous design and great fits.

 Our specially-made bras in our swimwear for softness, symmetry and support 

Our specially-made bras in our swimwear for softness, symmetry and support 

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