Breast Cancer Care’s Next Top Model

Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show

Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show

Ever dreamed what it would be like to strut your stuff down a catwalk? Longed to wear Julian McDonald or Alexander McQueen?  Want to raise money for a breast cancer charity as the disease has affected you? Well, here are three great reasons to apply to be a Catwalk Model for the Breast Cancer Care Show on October 2016!


You may want to show the world how well you are doing at kicking breast cancer’s behind! Perhaps you’re in the process of dealing courageously with your diagnosis and effects of treatment, and want something to look forward to when it is finally over… a light at the end of the tunnel. Becoming a Breast Cancer Care Model for the charity’s annual fashion event could be a way to affirm to yourself- and others- that you are still your ‘old self’… only better! The hairdresser, makeup artist & fashion designers will transform you expertly for the catwalk, whilst the applause from all attending this very glamorous charity event at Grosvenor House, Park Lane London will leave feeling very special.

Breast Cancer Care Catwalk Model Shot 2013

Breast Cancer Care Catwalk Model Shot 2013


Christine B was selected as a model and had the pleasure of wearing Julian McDonald, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen on the catwalk (yes – I was so jealous!!!). She told me why she applied to be a Breast Cancer Care model in 2011…

“In 2010, shortly after my own diagnosis, I was invited to The Show by a friend whose sister was modelling that year; on reflection I believe she also wanted to cheer me up from the place I was in.

I remember sitting there in tears… having just got through chemo; I was at a particularly low ebb. I whispered to my friend (also named Christine)  ‘I hope I look that good when this is all over…’ After watching the catwalk show, and with a push from Christine, I was encouraged to apply! It was an amazing experience – I’m so glad I did it, as I really wanted to inspire others that there is life after cancer… and show the diversity of people and races affected by breast cancer.’’


Christine B who has just recently celebrated her sixth year of being cancer-free (hurrah!) continues to volunteer at The Show each October, supporting the charity.  Which leads me to reason three…


Breast Cencer Care Fashion Show: Volunteers hard at work

Breast Cencer Care Fashion Show: Volunteers hard at work

At charity events, volunteer action really makes a difference; and obviously it’s a great feeling to know you helped raise funds and interest for a charity that you may have used.

Like many others diagnosed with breast cancer, I found Breast Cancer Care was a lifeline for information and support when I really needed it.  I first attended the fashion show as a guest in 2012, knowing my ticket fee was going to a vital cause.  I was truly blown away by the whole event, how stunning the models looked and seeing the ways in which individuals volunteered on the night to raise money for a charity close to my heart.

I knew I wanted to do my bit too…so last year I volunteered and was lucky to selected as a hostess to the Asda* staff members’ table for the October 2013 Show. I met some amazing people (including several women who, like Christine B were previous Show’s models), and was happy to have the opportunity to give something back.

The benefits to volunteering for The Breast Cancer Care Show certainly do not stop here, but these are just a few that I wanted to highlight...

This year I have made the decision to apply; I will let you know if I am selected!  I’m up for healthy competition though, so if you found this blog helpful, or know someone who might, please post on your Facebook page, Twitter or Google+ page and spread the inspiration.

With warmth, Clover

*Asda’s Tickled Pink 2013 campaign raised a total of £5,033,106 towards supporting those affected by breast cancer- extraordinary!


Pinch me! I was chosen to be a Breast Cancer Care model!  Read about what it was like here:  

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Clover, Creator of Clover Lewis Swimwear

Clover started designing mastectomy swimsuits and bikinis after struggling to find a stylish, beautiful post-surgery bikini to wear on her first holiday after a breast cancer diagnosis. The holiday? A trip to Bali to overcome her fears by learning how to scuba-dive.

She made her first mastectomy bikini, got her PADI diving certificate wearing it, at that moment personally realised the connections between body image, clothing confidence for women with breast cancer.

So despite the expectation to carry on with “life as normal” after cancer, this experience had a profound effect on Clover. It became the fuel for her mission creating beautiful swimwear for women to feel good about their bodies so they can swim again.

Through Clover Lewis Swimwear, Clover helps women feel body confident… and feel like they belong on a beach.