Behind the Scenes: Designing Mastectomy Swimwear

I've just finished a very intense day finalising designs and colours for my next collection.

“Wearing colour was instrumental in helping me feel better about my body image after breast cancer surgery.”

This may sound quite simple, but colour was exceptionally powerful when I was breastless, suffering from post-mastectomy pain disorder, had gained extra weight and lost all my confidence. 

When I was at this all-time low, I mustered up the courage to have a session with a colour and style consultant... and in a few short hours, my perspective changed by a refreshing look at my wardrobe.By including a few colours that suited me and my skin tone, I changed how I viewed myself in the mirror...

I was so impressed by the experience, that I went on to train as a colour and style consultant.
Now when I design my mastectomy swimwear collections, I evaluate each colour to ensure that the swimwear in the collection suit women with a range of skin complexions. 
My aim with this is to help women feel more positive to wearing colour on the beach or pool. 
It's special touches like these that make Clover Lewis Swimwear unique.