Inspiring Women in Switzerland with My Breast Cancer Swimwear Story

A year ago I was a Finalist on Masschallenge - an international business accelerator program. No easy task when 12,000 apply for 100 places!  On the London program, I was a driven female entrepreneur, excited to access opportunities to up level my mastectomy swimwear business and support women around the world. 

Fast forward one year, and I've been invited to be the Keynote speaker at that first Women in MassChallenge event in the Switzerland!

So excited about this opportunity. 
Women in MassChallenge is my first international speaking opportunity- and I'm here right now in gorgeous Lausanne, preparing to speak later this evening. I hope to inspire the women attending with my story and how listening to people's problems are and solving them can be a great foundation for a creative business 

I never thought my breast cancer diagnosis would lead to me receiving messages like this: 

“Clover we would love to have you as our keynote speaker, and are sure that you would be the perfect person to inspire them with your amazing life experience and how it helped you to understand other women to be able to help them.” 
— Antonia Nikolic, Organiser Women in MassChallenge Switzerland 

If you're going through breast cancer treatment right now, I urge you not to give up!

Because in the future you can create an impact with your experience on other women, even if it's just one. 

 Can't wait to meet the Swiss female entrepreneurs and other members of our global entrepreneur family! 
With warmth, Clover

Clover Lewis Mastectomy Swimwear Photoshoot!

I was so inspired by a photograph that I saw in the Metro paper the other day. All of the female presenters of ITV’s Loose Women participated in a photo shoot showing their un-photoshopped bodies in a swimwear shoot.


Looking at this image ignited an ongoing desire to do a similar photo shoot for my brand, Clover Lewis Swimwear. Except I wanted to work with women who have been affected by breast cancer,  like me. Having done photo shoots before with professional models, I appreciate the skill and professional demands that modelling involves in order to create great images. It is hard work!

To do a photoshoot with a group of non-professional women would be quite a challenge. But I've had challenges - I've survived breast cancer and its treatment!  But I did wonder to myself, where would I begin with my photographic dream?

Well, over the past few years I have formed online relationships with hundreds of women with breast cancer. I’ve become particularly close to the women who are members of the BBB (I’m afraid, like Fight Club, I cannot share what goes on in BBB, including it’s name)! Since we formed this private group online, we have shared our breast cancer fears, laughter, many bottles of prosecco,  we have cried, and we have danced together until dawn.

On the surface, it may look like we just share the commonality having had a breast cancer diagnosis at a young age. But we share much more than that.

Breast cancer had brought us closely together. We know what we as young women living with and beyond cancer have been through, which created invisible titanium-like bonds between us in a most unique way.

Twice a year, at Christmas and some time in the Summer, we get together to celebrate our friendship and each other. Our get-togethers continue to be full of laughter, dance, wine and tears. Tears for the BBB women in our group who did not make it to the meetup, because they have died from the very disease that brought us together...

This year we are meeting up in Birmingham. I am actually on my way there now! This year's  gathering called the “Our Summer of Love”, and it poses the perfect opportunity for me to fulfil my photographic dream. Today, we will do create a special photo shoot, with my special BBB girls all wearing my swimwear.

I can't wait to see all 30 of them shortly (we are over 100 in total I must add)! Each one has a different, unique story, and has something to offer,  inspire and motivate other women.

We are proof there is life after cancer, living with and despite having this terrible disease.

It was truly an amazing feeling spending yesterday matching woman to mastectomy swimwear. So as I packed my bags, selecting a Jump Mastectomy Swimsuit for Alison, and a La Victoire ruched Mastectomy Bikini for Helen  (more about them later), and while i am sat on the train, I can’t stop thinking about the value that each of these women has given to me through this group and their ongoing friendship.  

Despite having had breast cancer being the dreadful thing that brought us together, we are still able to celebrate life and celebrate the girls we have lost too.

Can't wait to show the photos with you!

With absolute warmth, Clover.